DAP Project Alltrack Parts List

DAP Project Alltrack Parts List

We put together this list to allow anyone interested to see what we have done to our vehicle.  This 2017 VW Alltrack was purchased from Copart as a salvage vehicle and was in a front end collision.  We are documenting the journey of fixing, modifying, and racing out project car.  Come and join the ride with us!

Our Project Introduction - Video

Check out our new Project car.  We bought a wrecked MK7 that we are going to repair and start a video series where you follow along as we repair, race and modify this car.  

Initial Inspection of our VW Alltrack (Cost Est) - Video

We inspect our totaled MK7 Alltrack and show you what all the parts would cost.  Paul and Max go through a complete check of our salvage title car.  We also put together this price list as well as talk about some of the things to watch out for when looking at wrecked or crashed cars.  

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Taking Apart our Alltrack and First Drive - Video

In this video Max and Paul disassemble some of the crashed and broken components on our Alltrack. We replace a twisted up control arm, removed a banged up fender, and discover some new bent components. After finished to go for a test drive.... Check it out!

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Intercooler Upgrade and "Body Work" - Video

We get started putting body work back together on our Project Alltrack. This included swapping out the radiator core support, installing an upgraded intercooler, a new hood and fender.

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We Install a Suspension Lift on our Alltrack - Video

On this episode we get our Project Alltrack Lifted, Install Upgraded Sway bar end links, replace a bent axle, and more! Follow along with Max and Paul, while they work on getting the project car sorted out. You are in store for some VW modding, struggling and overall hilarity..... Enjoy!

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Rally Lights and Bull Bar on our Alltrack - Video

Today we fabricated a Ford f-150 Bull Bar to fit on our Volkswagen Alltrack. We spliced factory wiring from the fog lights and wired it to our new yellow off road lights. We also installed a set of 17 inch VW Passat wheels with Continental Terrain Contact 225/60/17 On/Off road tires. We also send our airbag control module off to get wiped, and our seat belts to get repaired. Follow along as we slowly make our Alltrack into a monster.

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Big Brakes from an Audi TTS on our Project MK7 Alltrack - Video

We install Audi TTS 4 Piston Brake Calipers and Giro Disc Rotors on our Alltrack. We also finish with our Forge Motorsport lift kit in the rear. After completing our lift we take the Alltrack for a test drive, bed the brakes, and locate where we are rubbing.

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We get our "Offroad" Alltrack Stuck on a Curb - Video

In this Project Alltrack build we prep for an upcoming event, with an Oil Change, a Haldex Service. We also do some test driving to see how our Alltrack fares "Off-Road", and run into a little snag. Finally we install our rebuilt red seat belts courtesy of Safety restore(link below). Then we install our Airbag module and trim panels to finish off the work for this video.

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We Rally our Alltrack and Break It - Video

In this video we put ECU and DSG tunes on our Alltrack, and did some quick testing on our Haldex AWD. Then we brought our Salvaged Project MK7 Alltrack to a Rally Cross event 5 hours away in TN. Broke our Car and had a bunch of fun.

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Post Rally Inspection Video - Video

We fix our broken axle from our rally cross event, and attempt to fix our AWD Haldex system. We also inspect the undercarriage for any unknown damage that may have occurred during our race.

Euro LED Tail Light Install and Wrap - Wookies in the Woods Prep - Video

We wrap our MK7 Alltrack, Install Euro LED Tail Lights, and make a few finishing touchs on our car before Wookies. We also did some coding to take care of a turning light issue and make our LED tail lights work properly.

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Turbo Upgrade to the IS20 - Video

We install an IS20 Turbo and a 3" Integrated Engineering downpipe on our project MK7 Alltrack.  Enjoy some of the nonsense that goes on while 1 person works and everyone else mostly messes around!

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Downpipe for AWD MQB 1.8t and 2.0t Models - Req 76mm to 60mm adapter

Stage 2 IS20 Performance (Tune) Software for Golf Alltrack 1.8T

IS20 Turbo

Turbo Inlet Elbow for 1.8t/2.0t TSI GEN3 MQB

MK7 Turbo Inlet Hose

Alltrack Roof Rack and Trying to do a Burnout - Video

Today the Deutsche Auto Parts team took their cars to a "Meat and Chill" car meet at Eurowise. We also put cross bars and Thule Basket on our Alltrack! Also, we may have tried to do a burnout....

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New Coilovers and P3 Gauge - Video

We install Bilstein Coilovers and a digital p3 gauge on our MK7 golf Alltrack. We temporarily installed or lift blocks on top of our coilovers until we decide to lower it. It finally handles a lot better and we can not wait until we get our new front bumper in, so that we can build it into our track set up!

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Trying to get our Alltrack as dirty as Possible / Alpine VAG Fair - Video

Along with our alpinevagfair show coverage (link below) we also vlogged our experience in Helen ga! we drove some cool roads and also tried to get our Alltrack as dirty as possible!