VW Audi 2.0T FSI Cam Follower and Camshaft Wear problems

VW Audi 2.0T FSI Cam Follower and Camshaft Wear problems

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OBDeleven Scan Tool for VW and Audi  

The 2.0T FSI Cam Follower

The FSI uses direct injection which requires a mechanical high pressure fuel pump to reach pressures that high (upwards of 1800 PSI).  The Cam follower serves as the barrier between the high pressure fuel pump and the Camshaft lobe that drives that pump.  What happens with this is the Cam Follower will periodically wear.  There is a wide debate as to why, which ranges from fuel pump modifications to oil change intervals to quality of the oil used (make sure the oil you use meets VW 502 00 spec).  What many VW or Audi enthusiasts have done is decided to check this as a part of regular maintenance on the vehicle, and replace the cam follower if it shows signs of wear.

2.0t FSI Cam Follower and Wear Issues 


If your cam follower does wear all the way through you can expect damage to the FSI Intake Cam Shaft, the FSI High Pressure Fuel Pump, and the FSI Cam Follower.  This can be a very costly bill and should be avoided at all cost. From what we know most vigilant FSI owners check their cam follower every 10-20k miles, depending on the owner.


Fault Codes that could be related to a bad Cam Follower (You should always check the follower first if you have one of these faults DIY below.)

P0087 - Fuel Rail/System Pressure Too Low - Intermittent

P1093 - Bank 1; Fuel Measuring System 2: Malfunction

P2293 - Fuel Pressure Regulator Valve (N276): Mechanical Malfunction


Find the OEM VW/Audi FSI Cam Follower 06D109309C HERE

2.0t FSI Cam Follower 06D109309C


Find a less Epensive Alternative Cam Follower for 2.0t FSI VW and Audi 06D109309C

2.0t FSI Cam Follower 06D109309C INA


2.0t FSI Updated Camshaft 06F109101J

2.0t FSI Intake Camshaft 06F109101J


2.0t FSI High Pressure Fuel Pump 06F127025M

2.0t FSI High Pressure Fuel Pump 06F127025M

2.0t FSI Camshaft Install Kit

2.0t FSI Camshaft and Follower Install Kit

2.0t FSI Camshaft Install Kit with High Pressure Fuel Pump

2.0t FSI Camshaft and Follower Install Kit with HPFP

A great video that shows you how these parts fail and what to look out for.


Cam Shaft Failure or Wear on 2.0t FSI engines

The intake camshaft on the VW and Audi FSI engine drives the high pressure fuel pump.  There was an issue with the earlier revisions of this camshaft where the lobe that drives the fuel pump would wear prematurely.  There is speculation that the metal on the cam was too soft, but we don't have any further facts on that.  What we can tell you is there have been multiple revisions to that part.  The original version of that intake cam was part number 06F-109-101-A or 06F109101A.  After sometime when it was clear there was an issue with this part they came out with a revision part number 06F-109-101-B or 06F109101B.  A short time ago the revision B was replaced by 06F-109-101-J.  Most times when people find this info out they want to know what is different about the “J” vs the “B”.  Unfortunately no one can answer that question, as VW and Audi doesn’t disclose what is changed on any part number revision.

The important part to know is that if you are replacing your camshaft you are getting the most current version available.  Found Here 2.0T FSI Intake Camshaft Rev J 06F109101J


How to check the Cam Follower on a 2.0T FSI engine

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