Pitfalls when shopping for Discount VW or Audi Parts Online

Pitfalls when shopping for Discount VW or Audi Parts Online


We recently had a customer who ordered parts for his VW with the part numbers he acquired.  They happened to be the incorrect parts for his Volkswagen.  Take a look at why it happened and how you can avoid this potential frustration.


What to watch out for.

It has become a common trend for people to call VW or Audi dealership looking to find out info so they can shop online.  Of course this makes sense, everyone wants to save money.  So you call your local VW or Audi parts department, give them your VIN number and ask for a price on a product you’re looking for.  Knowing that finding the correct parts for your vehicle online may be challenging you ask the VW or Audi Parts Consultant for the part number.

Just to be clear, as soon as you ask that person for the part number they know what your intentions are. So now it is how they handle the situation.  Some dealers may tell you we don’t give out the part numbers; others may gladly offer you the part number.

As mentioned above as soon as you ask for the part number they know your intentions are to enter that part number in google to shop for a discounted price on the same part you just asked about.  So when they offer you a part number, what motivation do they have to give you the correct one?  What motivation do they have to double check that you wanted a driver’s side instead of a passenger or that you said front oxygen sensor instead of rear.  The best case scenario is someone who isn’t very motivated to make sure the parts are correct is giving you a part number.  The worst case scenario is they maliciously and intentionally give you the wrong part numbers.  While we don’t condone this type of behavior it is understandable why someone might be less than helpful.


What should I do?

The most important question is how to get the correct parts at a great price for my VW or Audi vehicle? Obviously we feel like we can be a great source, and would love to opportunity to earn your business. The fact of the matter is that we are not the only company online who can offer you accurate info with great prices.  The import part is to find a reputable company who has the expertise to help.

How do you know who they are?

It should be pretty easy to determine.  If you contact a company they should be able to tell you with 100% certainty which part would be the correct one to replace the part in your vehicle.  Being a specialist in what they do should allow them to offer advice in most situations.  The real question becomes if they can’t do these things how can you be sure that the quality of the products they are offering you is what they claim it to be.  If it wasn’t would they have the expertise to know?

Thanks for reading.  We hope this article offers some industry insight.