VW Repair in the Akron, Canton and Streetsboro Ohio Area

VW Repair in the Akron, Canton and Streetsboro Ohio Area

Looking for a Volkswagen Dealer Alternative in the Cleveland / Akron area?  

We just opened our VW and Audi specialty shop located in Kent Ohio.  I know what you're thinking... Ohio?!?  

Adding DAP Repair Ohio in Ohio, really boils down to people. I have always had this idea of connecting with highly talented and motivated VW and Audi technicians, who are looking to open their own shop.  Finding the right person with a combination of drive, expertise and humility is imperative.  
I connected with Matt (who runs the Ohio location) online because he was asking questions in a facebook group about opening a shop. He and i went back and forth discussing many of the challenges around running, and or starting a shop.  After some really great first impressions, we headed to the Akron/Canton area.  We spent a lot of time looking at location and getting a feel for the area.  
Months later Matt came down to work temporarliy at DAP Repair which is our VW/ Audi Shop in Cornelius NC.  He spent a few months with us down here, after which we were certain he was the right guy to start our shop with.  

After some searching we found what is now our Ohio location in Kent.  It was a little rough around the edges, so Matt has spent some time to update the facility for a better customer environment.  

What do we do at DAP Repair Ohio?

We are a VW and Audi Specialty shop.  We have factory trained technicians who are highly skilled, and caring.  We do anything you need on your VW or Audi.  This can range from maintenance, repair, diagnostic or even basic performance upgrades/ modifications.  We deal with engine, transmission, suspension, interior, and electrical repairs.  

If are located in the Kent area give our shop a call, they have what it takes to get your Volkswagen or Audi running right!

VW Repair Akron, Canton, Streetsboro and Cleveland Area

VW Repair Kent, Akron, Streetboro Ohio

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