A VAG COM (VCDS) Alternative has Arrived

For many years VAG COM has been a dominant force in the world of VW /Audi scan tools.  VAG COM was the only option if you wanted to have accurate fault code info, perform long coding and have access to basic settings and adaptation channels on all VW and Audi control modules.  As the exclusive US distributor we are so happy to bring you the OBDeleven which is an Android based app that seems to be the first viable alternative to purchasing a VAGCOM cable.  There are still a few features not available that could be deal breakers if you are into heavy diagnostic, but I feel like this tool is a great option for most.   This tool can be either a supplement or replacement depending on which VCDS features are most important to you.


OBDeleven a VAG COM Alternative for VW|Audi Techs

Are you tired of waiting for someone to finish using the scan tool just to check faults on a car?  We know that being a flat rate tech means that time is money, and every minute you wait costs you more. Having a bluetooth wireless scan tool that you can hook up to your android device can make you life simple and easy.  Instead of a bulky laptop you can use your phone and a small OBDeleven dongle.  This makes things much more portable for you around the shop.  We have heard from many dealer techs, that they have a limited number of scan tools that this can be an easy way to scan faults and start to diagnose a car.  We also have heard from guys who buy cars at auctions and don't want to worry about breaking a laptop or losing their expensive VAG-COM cable.


OBDeleven a VAG COM Alternative for VW|Audi Enthusiasts

OBDeleven is even great for enthusiast looking to perform what formerly were called VAG COM tweaks.  The great part about the OBDeleven is that it has created a more affordable option for VW | Audi guys and gals to perform coding on their own.  No longer to you have to find a local shop with a VCDS cable.  With the "Apps" feature on your OBDeleven you don't even need to be a coding expert since these are a 1 touch solution to perform specific types of coding.


If you're looking for a coding or fault scanning on your vehicle and the $349 VAG COM cable is not the route you want to go, then the OBDeleven which is $79.99 should be a great option for you!


Features of the OBDeleven

  • Fault Code Scanning and Erasing
  • Access to all VW and Audi Control modules i.e (Central Electrics, Engine Module, Transmission Module, Airbag Module and more)
  • Perform Basic Settings Tests
  • Perform Output Diagnostic Tests
  • Perform Long Coding
  • Access to Change Adaptation Channels
  • Live Sensor Data Reading
  • Read Control Module Part Numbers
  • 1 Touch Coding Options with Apps (Credits Required for Use)


About Credits with the OBDeleven

Credits are NOT required for perform coding on vehicles.  If you are familiar with VAGCOM coding the OBDeleven coding would be performed in the same manner and has no cost associated with it.  The credits are ONLY used to use the "Apps" in the OBDeleven.  This is an option to perform 1 touch coding on your VW or Audi that doesn't require specific knowledge on how to perform coding.  These are intended to be turn key which is why they have a cost associated with them.


Cost of Credits on OBDeleven

10 credits price is 1.49€ +VAT.

100 credits price is 11.99€ +VAT.

500 credits price is 47.99€ +VAT.


In this Video we Talk about how OBDeleven compares to VAG COM



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