Unitronic DSG Tune for the MK7.5 Golf R | 8V.2 S3 (7-speed DQ381)

Unitronic DSG Tune for the MK7.5 Golf R | 8V.2 S3 (7-speed DQ381)

Unitronic® TCU Performance Software is NOW AVAILABLE for the 7-speed DQ380/381 DSG® transmission found in the facelifted 2018+ (8V) S3 and MK7.5 Golf R*.

Unitronic's TCU Performance Software is compatible with UniCONNECT+, empowering Clients to tune it themselves directly through the OBD-2 port within minutes, from the comfort of their own home or garage.

FEATURES (Stage 1 & 2)

 End-User Programmable with UniCONNECT+

Flash your TCU from the comfort of your own home or garage. Within minutes (approximately 70-seconds to be exact on this platform), you'll be enjoying an entirely transformed driving experience.

 Optimized D & Sport Modes

D-mode is optimized for everyday daily driving and economy, while S-mode is optimized for faster acceleration.

 Quicker Gear Shifts

Unitronic's TCU Performance Software calibration enhances the gear shift speeds making them up to 70% quicker.

 Dual Setpoint Adjustable Launch Control

Unitronic has adjusted the launch control RPM setpoints to allow for quicker acceleration off the launch control. Dual-stage launch control allows users to choose between two different launch control RPM setpoints based on the current conditions observed. (surface conditions, tires, etc.) Launch Control Setpoint 1 is activated at 100% pedal position, without engaging the kick-down switch. Launch Control Setpoint 2 is activated at "110%" pedal position. (100% pedal position with the kick-down switch engaged)

FEATURES (Stage 2 only)

 Raised Torque Limiters

Unitronic's Stage 2 TCU Performance Software calibrations increase TCU torque limiters to allow for an increased output and has been developed alongside Unitronic's upcoming Stage 2 ECU Performance Software for the ultimate overall experience.

 Increased Clutch Clamping Pressure

Unitronic's Stage 2 TCU Performance Software calibrations increase clutch clamping pressure and has been developed in conjunction with and alongside Unitronic's Stage 2 ECU Performance Software, supporting the increase in engine torque output and ensuring that the clutches properly grip allowing for the higher output to be sustained.

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