Service Schedule for MK8 GTI

Service Schedule for MK8 GTI

Looking for the service manual requirements for your VW MK8 GTI?  We put together a quick and easy list of what is required at each service interval.  The list shown below is 100% as per Volkswagen's recommended interval.  Most MK8 owners who are meticulous about maintaining their vehicle will change their oil every 5k miles instead of 10k.  Doing this is a matter of preference and you should consider doing what you believe to be the best choice for you.


What should I make sure I do if I am doing my own MK8 GTI maintenance?

If you have decided to maintain your own vehicle you should be sure to do a few things.

  1. Keep meticulous service records including mileage, date and proof of purchase of the parts.  This is important because if you ever run into a warranty issue they may ask you for service records.  Failing to produce these could result in a denial of a warranty claim.
  2. Make sure you are using oil that meets the required spec.  As per the owners manual you can use 0w-20 but the oil must meet the required Volkswagen Spec of "VW 508 00".  All of our MK8 GTI maintenance kits include oil that meets or exceeds this spec.

Maintenace Videos for your MK8 GTI from DAP - Coming soon

  • How to Change your Oil 
  • How to Change your Oil without a Lift
  • How to Reset your Service Light
  • How to Change your Cabin (Pollen) Filter
  • How to Change your Spark Plugs
  • How to Change your Serpentine Belt
  • How to Service your Manual Transmission
  • How to Change your Front Wipers
  • How to Change your Rear Wiper
  • How to Perform a PP/Sport Diff Service
  • How to Perform a Brake Flush
  • How to Check your Brakes

MK8 GTI Service Schedule as Per VW's Requirements

Miles 10K  20K   30K  40K50K60K70K80K90K100K110K120K
 Oil an Filter Change
 Cabin (Pollen) Filter Replacement          
 DSG Trans Fluid Service            

 Manual Trans Fluid Service


 Spark Plug Replacement


 Tire Rotation


 Engine Air Filter


 Sport/ PP Diff Service

 As per VW every 3yrs

 Serpentine Belt

 Brake Fluid Flush - 1st flush after 3 years, every 2 years for every following flush    

Serpentine Belt - Check belt and replace as needed

 Recommended per DAP

* As per Audi

Please note: The information we have listed above reflects the parts and or fluids that carry a recommended interval for replacement.  It is always recomened to go over the vehicle thoroughly when servicing.  VW has recommended intervals for inspecting items, like coolant levels/condition, axles, ball joints, hinges, lighting and many others.  It is our estimation that these items should always be checked once a vehicle reaches higher mileage to ensure proper operation of your vehicle during every service.  

Here is a quick reference guide for MK8 GTI Maintenance Parts

 MK8 GTI Oil Change Kit with Oil Filter and OEM Oil

OEM MK8 Oil Change Kit

MK8 GTI Oil Change Kit with Oil Filter and Motul Oil 

Motul Oil Change Kit for MK8

MK8 GTI Dust and Cabin Filter OEM

MK7 Pollen/ Cabin Filter


MK8 GTI DSG Service Kits

MK8 GTI 7 Speed DSG Maintenance Kit

7 Speed MK8 GTI DSG OEM Service Kit

MK8 GTI Manual Transmission Mission Fluid

MK7 Manual Transmission Oil


MK8 GTI OEM VW Brake Fluid


MK8 GTI High Performance Brake Fluid (RBF600)

MK8 GTI Wiper Blade Set - OEM

MK8 GTI Wiper Blade Set - OEM

MK8 GTI Wiper Blade Set - Bosch

MK8 GTI Wiper Blade Set - Bosch