Service Schedule for MK8 Golf R

Service Schedule for MK8 Golf R

Looking for the service manual requirements for your VW MK8 Golf R?  We put together a quick and easy list of what is required at each service interval.  The list shown below is 100% as per Volkswagen's recommended interval.  Most MK8 Golf R owners who are meticulous about maintaining their vehicle will change their oil every 5k miles instead of 10k.  Doing this is a matter of preference and you should consider doing what you believe to be the best choice for you.

MK8 Golf R - 6 Speed Manual Maintenance Parts

MK8 Golf R - 7 Spd DSG Maintenance Parts


What should I make sure I do if I am doing my own MK8 Golf R maintenance?

If you have decided to maintain your own vehicle you should be sure to do a few things.

  1. Keep meticulous service records including mileage, date and proof of purchase of the parts.  This is important because if you ever run into a warranty issue they may ask you for service records.  Failing to produce these could result in a denial of a warranty claim.
  2. Make sure you are using oil that meets the required spec.  As per the owners manual you can use 0w-30 but the oil must meet the required Volkswagen Spec of "VW 504 00".  All of our MK8 Golf R maintenance kits include oil that meets or exceeds this spec.


Maintenace Videos for your MK8 Golf R from DAP - Coming soon



MK8 Golf R Service Schedule as Per VW's Requirements

Miles 10K20K30K40K50K60K70K80K90K100K110K120K
 Oil an Filter Change
 Cabin (Pollen) Filter Replacement       

7 Speed DSG Trans Fluid Service


 Manual Trans Fluid Service


 Torque Vector Diff Service


 Spark Plug Replacement


 Tire Rotation

 Engine Air Filter


 Serpentine Belt

 Brake Fluid Flush - 1st flush after 3 years, every 2 years for every following flush  

Cabin Filter -  Every 2 Years or 40k Miles (as per VW) 

Spark Plugs - Check every 40k and Replace Every 4 years regardless of mileage (as per VW) 

Air Filter - Check every 60k and Replace every 6 years regardless of mileage (as per VW) 

Serpentine Belt - Check belt and replace as needed (as per VW) 

Torque Vector Diff Service - 2 years or 20k, Diff fluid can be checked with scan tool

 Recommended per DAP

* As per Audi

Here is a quick reference guide for MK8 Golf R Maintenance Parts

 MK8 Golf R Oil Change Kit with Oil Filter and OEM Oil

OEM MK8 Oil Change Kit


MK8 Golf R Oil Change Kit with Oil Filter and Motul Oil 

Motul Oil Change Kit for MK8


MK8 Golf R Dust and Cabin Filter OEM


MK8 Golf R DSG Service Kits

MK8 Golf R 7 Speed (OEM Oil) DSG Maintenance Kit 

7 Speed MK8 GTI DSG OEM Service Kit

MK8 Golf R Manual Transmission Mission Fluid

MK7 Manual Transmission Oil





MK8 Golf R OEM VW Brake Fluid


MK8 Golf R High Performance Brake Fluid (RBF600)


MK8 Golf R Wiper Blade Set - OEM

MK8 GTI Wiper Blade Set - OEM


MK8 Golf R Wiper Blade Set - Bosch

MK8 GTI Wiper Blade Set - Bosch

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