Part 11 (Catch Can) of the DAP MK7 GTI Build

The MK7 is still a pretty new platform and it remains to be seen if this model will be plagued with the carbon build up issues found on the 2.0t TSI and FSI engines.  Instead of waiting to find out we decided to install a catch can on our car to ensure that we had a second line of defense to any potential vapors which could contribute to the carbon issue.


If you are not familiar with catch cans, why you would want one or what they do, take a look at the video we put out below.  It explains this system in much better detail.


MK7 Catch Cans Available

Racingline (VWR) Catch Can for MK7 - Install Video Below

IE (Integrated Engineering) Catch Can for MK7

CTS Turbo Catch Can for MK7


How a Catch Can Works

How to install a Catch Can on our MK7 GTI

Emptying a Catch Can on a MK7 GTI

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