How to Adjust a VW 6 Speed Shifter with a Broken Lock Pin

This article is intended to help you understand how to adjust, or install a shifter on your 6 Speed manual VW if the locking pin on your transmission is broken.  If you these directions are unclear to you and you need more help to understand the install process, we would advise watching our video which has an in depth DIY of the short shifter install.  

How to Adjust a VW 6 Speed Shifter with a Broken Lock Pin

  • Start by losening both shifter end links from the shift cables and make sure they move freely

  • Using Lock Tool T10027A or a 5mm drill bit lock down shifter inside car

  • Starting in Neutral you will need to move the transmission manually into first gear.  You can do this by pushing down on the transmission selector, then rotate counter clock wise to go into 1st gear. 

If the transmission is in neutral you will be able to move the selector on the transmission up and down freely.  

  • Once you are in 1st gear, apply downward pressure on the selector shaft and tighten the side to side cable end link, which is located towards the drivers side of the car near the transmission mount.  

  • Next you will rotate your selector clockwise back to the neutral position and tighten the front to back shifter end link, which is the link towards the passenger side of the car. 

  • You should now remove the locking pin inside your car on the gear selector, and verify you have all gears.

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