Facelift European Dynamic Turn Signal LED Tail Lights for MK7 Models

Facelift European Dynamic Turn Signal LED Tail Lights for MK7 Models

European dynamic turnsignal LED tail lights are a gorgeous OEM+ upgrade for your MK7.  Since we developed the harness for the original MK7 LED tail lights, we have been the go source when a new harness is required. When we work on retrofitting the new LED tail lights to the MK7 models, we know you are going to need a harness and coding.  Since this can be accomplished many ways, we work very hard to ensure that this process is as easy as possible for the end user.  

For this reason we develop our harness (when possible) to not require and special tools, or more importantly cutting, splicing or modification of the factory wiring in your vehicle.  Our harnesses are designed to be able to be removed from the vehicle, coded then put back to stock easily.  This will allow you to reinstall the factory lights, and resell these pricey lights if or when you decide to move on to a new vehicle.  

MK7 and MK7.5 differences

Unfortunetly the MK7 and MK7.5 models require different harnesses.  This is because these models use different tail lights from the factory.  The MK7 models (2015-2017) use halogen bulb type tail lights.  These lights have 4 and 5 pin connectors, while European vehicles with LED tail lights are using 8 pin connectors.  This means to get the functioanlity needed, you need a get creative with what you have to work with.  

The MK7.5 facelift cars (2018+) use a North American Region (NAR) specific LED tail lights.  These are similar to the "Low Line" LED tail lights found in European facelift models, but without rear fog lights or amber turn signals.  These light use 8 pin electrical connectors.  Since the MK7.5 NAR LED tail lights have more wiring than the MK7 NAR halogen lights, the DAP MK7.5 facelift harness is a little bit more simple to install.  

For MK7.5 Facelift GTI, Golf R and Golf Models (2018+)

For MK7 GTI, Golf R and Golf Models (2015 - 2017)

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