Covid 19 Update

Covid 19 Update

We are here!

DAP is taking precautions internally to prevent as many person to person interactions as possible.  While we are still open, we have closed to the public for the time being.  We have changed many internal process to protect our staff as much as we possibly can. 

In our county they have issued a shelter in place, which means many business are closed.  Automotive parts suppliers, as well as automotive repair facilities are both listed as exempt, which means we do not expect service interuptions at this time. 


At this time we do not have any major supply chain issues we are aware of at this time.  However we do expect to see international shipments inbound to us to be slowed or held, depending on the country of origin.  At this time much of the circumstance is fuid, and we are doing our best to prevent any order delays, and keep our employees safe.