Building a Modern Fast and Furious Jetta

Building a Modern Fast and Furious Jetta

Welcome to the Ultimate Jetta Transformation: From an old and busted 1995 model to Modern Fast and Furious Speedster! In this captivating series, gearheads and automotive enthusiasts alike will be treated to an adrenaline-pumping visual feast as we chronicle the incredible journey of revamping a humble 1995 Jetta into a turbocharged marvel that Vin Diesel himself would envy. Get ready to witness six engaging videos that take you through every step of this epic build, where the spirit of the Fast and Furious franchise meets cutting-edge engineering.

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Modern Day Fast and Furious Jetta Build in 30 minutes 


Part 1 - The Wiring Nightmate


Part 2 - Custom Engine Mounting and Axles


Part 3 - Making a Downpipe and Fuel Pump


Part 4 - First Start 


Part 5 - Rushing to get done for a Show


Part 6 - Jesse Meets our Jetta

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