B8 Audi S4 3.0t (Supercharged) Spark Plugs and How to Install (DIY)

B8 Audi S4 3.0t (Supercharged) Spark Plugs and How to Install (DIY)

Changing the spark plugs on your Audi S4 is extremely important to make sure it is putting out the power we all love.  The Audi 3.0t V6 Supercharged engines have a few different service intervals depending on the model.  Most commonly the spark plug internal as per Audi is either 45-55k miles.  Many enthusiast and DIYers tend to be more vigilant in maintaining their vehicles which leads them to replace the spark plugs sooner.  This will prevent the degradation in performance and fuel economy as the plugs age and wear.


While the DIY Below was done on a B8 S4 it would be similar on the following models

Audi > S4 > B8 2010-2012 > 3.0T (Supercharged)
Audi > S4 > B8.5 2013- > Current 3.0T (Supercharged)
Audi > S5 > 2008-Current > 3.0T (Supercharged)
Audi > A6 > C6 2005-2011 > 3.0T V6
Audi > A6 > C6 2005-2011 > 3.2 FSI V6
Audi > A6 > C7 2012-PRESENT > 3.0T V6


Here are these Bosch Spark Plugs for Audi 3.0t (Supercharged) engines



Here is a Spark Plug DIY we did on a B8 Audi S4 (would be similar on most Audi 3.0t engines)

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