2.0t TSI VW and Audi Fuel Pump Control Module

2.0t TSI VW and Audi Fuel Pump Control Module

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The Fuel Pump control module on 2.0t TSI engines is found under the back seat of most VW and Audi models.  The Electric Pump Module is mounted inline and plugs in between the vehicles wire harness and the in tank electrical fuel pump.  These pump modules are fairly common to fail, take a look below to find out more details about how determine if your fuel pump module could be bad.

The fuel pump module serves as a power supply to the electric in-tank low pressure fuel pump and can give you plenty of trouble when it goes bad.


Where can I get this OEM Fuel Pump Control Module?

OEM VW and Audi Fuel Pump Control Module  1K0906093J

What problems can you expect?

When these pump modules go bad it is usually from overheating.  What you would usually have happen is your 2.0t TSI engine would likely stall and not turn back on until the vehicle sits for some time.  This is even more common during hot days that apply even more heat to the fuel pump module.  You also might have any other fault code related to the fuel system, which can often be codes like low fuel rail pressure.


How can I check my fuel pump module? 

Since these Pump Modules getting very hot, its generally pretty simple to tell when they are really bad as they are often extremely hot and may even melt the plastic casing they are housed in.  Please note that while the scenario mentioned above is the most common it may not be immediately obvious that your pump module is scorched.


How can I fix it?

Replace the module with a new OEM one.  This part has been revised and you want to make sure you're getting the most current version of this.  Also another thought I had in regards to this was about aftermarket versions of this part.  Given the fact the OEM fuel pump modules have had overheating issues I would be very concerned when install an aftermarket one.  This is even more true when you consider the fact the pump module is directly above the fuel tank.  If this part were poor quality and caught on fire there are going to be some serious issues.


Take a look at the video below where our friend Charles, The Humble Mechanic talks a liite more about this VW and Audi Fuel Pump Control Module.


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