2.0T TSI PCV Valve Failure (06H103495AC)

2.0T TSI PCV Valve Failure (06H103495AC)

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The PCV valve on the TSI engine is mounted on top of the valve cover.  When the PCV valve fails it will often result in a loud howling or squealing noise coming from under the hood.  It is quite surprisingly louder than you would expect.  Other symptoms of a bad PCV valve are a possible check engine light or rough running condition which could produce fault codes P0507 or P0171.  Please note that a bad PCV valve could cause the rear main seal on this engine to fail (See Below for more info), and for this reason you should be sure to replace your PCV valve with a high quality product.  VW has updated to a newer version of this part and the most current version can be found HERE.

We also offer a more affordable version of this 2.0T TSI PCV Valve HERE

The old revisions of this part number will be any of the following.  06H-103-495-E, 06H103495E, 06H-103-495-A, 06H103495A

 Genuine VW/Audi 2.0t TSI PCV Valve 06H103495AC

2.0t TSI PCV Valve Assembly 06H103495AH

VW/Audi 2.0t TSI PCV Valve for OEM # 06H103495E and 06H103495AC

2.0t TSI PCV Valve Assembly 06H103495AH Best Price




What the 2.0t TSI PCV Valve Might Sound Like When its Bad


Here is a Video talking about how the 2.0T TSI Fails


How to replace VW/ Audi 2.0T TSI PCV Valve (06H103495AC)


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