VW MK6 GTI Ignition Coils (R8 Coils 06E905115F and OEM Replacement)

VW MK6 GTI Ignition Coils (R8 Coils 06E905115F and OEM Replacement)

Ignition coils are an important part of your engine.  Each Cylinder on your VW MK6 GTI has 1 ignition coil per cylinder, 4 total on your vehicle.  These ignition coils operate completely independently from each other.  If you are having any misfire related problems you should start by looking at ignition coils.  This will start you on the right path.  Use the methods talked about below to determine if you have a failing ignition coil.



How do I know if my Ignition Coils are Bad?

Checking if you have a bad ignition coils is generally pretty simple.  The best way to check is by using a code scanner to see which cylinder is misfiring.  If the fault code is on cylinder 1 you should then take the ignition coil from cylinder 1 and swap it into cylinder 2.  If the misfire moves to cylinder 2 you can be certain that you need to replace the ignition coil.


I see 3 options of Ignition coils below... Which one is for me?

Listed below we offer a few versions of ignition coils for the 2.0t TSI.  The first one listed is the most economical choice.  The Bosch coils are exceptional quality and are the perfect replacement for someone who wants the most cost effective quality replacement part they can get.  They are the most popular which is why we listed them at the top.  The new is the Audi R8 Red Ignition Coils (06E905115E), these coils are also very popular mostly in the enthusiast community.  There has been talk for some time that these coils have a hotter spark.  We have not seen anyone publish data to back this fact up, and VW/Audi do not release technical specs like that.  The enthusiast community generally believes these are better ignition coils for misfire issues on performance cars.  This is a pretty common belief held by people who have install and continue to use these ignition coils.  Lastly we have the OEM coils.  These most recently changed back from the style that has the sheathing (Like the Bosch Coils) to the original style without the sheathing.  These coil we offer for anyone who wants to be getting the same part they are getting from the dealer.


Ignition Coil Set for VW 2.0t Ignition Coils (Best Value)

R8 Ignition Coils for MK6 GTI 2.0t Engine 06E905115F

2.0t OEM VW Ignition Coil


Here is a DIY on how to install ignition Coils on a CC which would be the same on a VW MK6 GTI


Here is some info on how to check if you have bad ignition coils on your MK6 GTI

More Detail On Checking Misfires Using an OBDeleven

When using an OBDeleven your vehicle would need to go to

Live Data > Channel 014

Live Data > Channel 015

Live Data > Channel 016

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