Performance Software (Chip) Tuning on a MK7 VW in the Charlotte Area


Are you looking to get more performance out of your MK7 2015/2016 Golf, GTI or Golf R, and live in the Charlotte area? 



A performance Flash or Software tuning on your ECU is the best choice for VW MK7 models.


Performance tuning is something that varies depending on the model of the vehicle, and knowing what is going to get you the greatest reliable performance for the best price is important.  The Volkswagen MK7 models all use turbocharged engines which take really well to Performance Software (Chip) Tuning.  We would like to clarify that when you see people online using the phrase Chipping, Chip Tuning or having their vehicle Chipped they are referring to performance software loaded to the ECU.  Actual physical performance VW and Audi chips have not been around for over 10 years.


The Performance ECU Tuning of MK7 is a fairly simple process as the ECU on this car can be flashed through the OBD2 port.  This makes installing a performance tune on your Volkswagen MK7 quick and painless.  At Deutsche Auto Parts we do not charge for installation of this type of ECU (Chip) Tune, which takes around 30 minutes to an hour to perform.  We check all fault codes before flashing and erase any codes present after the performance tune is complete.


The Volkswagen MK7 platform is a really great car for tuneability with the Performance (Chip) Software putting out around 100 more horsepower.  This is done by optimizing boost, timing and fuel maps.  Below we have a Dyno video we performed in the Lake Norman area, after installing a Stage 1+ Unitronic ECU Upgrade on our 2015 MK7 GTI.  This software was installed at our location in Cornelius NC.


2015/ 2016/ 2017 MK7 GTI Performance Tuning (Chip) Software

2015/2016 MK7 Golf R Performance Tuning (Chip) Software

2015/2016 MK7 Golf 1.8T Performance Tuning (Chip) Software


We offer Unitronic ECU Performance Tuning Software in the Charlotte NC Area, which is comparable to the likes of APR Software, as well as Eurodyne, GIAC, Revo.


Deutsche Auto Parts is located at 18525 Statesville Rd, Unit D4, Cornelius NC, and serves the greater Charlotte Area.  This includes Mooresville, Huntersville, Cornelius, Charlotte and Concord.


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