Part 14 (Coilovers) of the DAP MK7 GTI Build

When it comes to modding your car suspensions are generally one of the best places to start.  Selecting which suspension is right for you can be a challenge so here are a some of the reasons why we did what we did.

Suspensions 101 for Beginners

More MK7 Suspension Install Details


Why Coilovers?

Deciding to get coilovers over springs could be for a couple reasons the first is that you want the ability to adjust the ride height of your vehicle and the second is that you want the vehicle to handle better.  If all you care about is the first then any coilovers will do.  I wanted coilovers because it gave us the ability to dial in the specific stance of the vehicle while making it more fun on back roads.


What Brand Should I go with?

There are tons of options out there and the price range will likely vary from $500 to $3000 depending on what your goals are.  Its really important to note that most of the less expensive coilovers have little to no engineering behind them.  This doesn't mean they wont work or you shouldn't buy them it just means there wasn't likely any R&D process to ensure they make the vehicle actually handle better.  So what brands likely do the R&D to make the vehicle handle better?  A few that come to mind would be Bilstein, H&R and KW.  These are top notch brands and its my opinion that getting a bottom and version of one of these will get you better handling that a top line version of a less expensive coilover.

I completely understand that buying an entry level premium brand coilover might not be an option for everyone, which makes sense.  Everyone should make the decision they feel is best for them.  I only mentioned so anyone reading this is armed with the proper information to make the best decision for themselves.


How Low Do they Go?

This will vary depending on coilovers.  Some coilovers are designed to slam the vehicle as low as possible and other do not go as low.  For example this Bilstein PSS Coilovers (lowers 15-35mm) we installed on our MK7 GTI, these are set as low as they can possibly be.  If you take a look at the before and after picture you will see while the vehicle is low its not crazy low.  I suspect that Bilstein engineers them this way as once you lower the vehicle past a certain point that it starts to affect the performance and handling of the vehicle.


Why did you choose Bilstein?

So when it came to choosing which coilovers to go with we went with the Bilstein PSS.  This coilover gives you a daily driveable ride quality while still improving the handling of the vehicle.  We went with Bilstein over the other brands mostly based on personal preference and past experience with them.



Before and After Pictures Stock vs Coilover Suspension MK7 GTI

MK7 GTI Coilovers Stock vs Lowered



Bilstein PSS Coilovers for VW MK7 GTI /Golf R/ Audi A3/ S3 (on the vehicle above)

MK7 GTI A3 S3 Coilovers Bilstein PSS

Bilstein PSS10 Coilovers for VW MK7 GTI /Golf R/ Audi A3/ S3

MK7 GTI A3 S3 Coilovers Bilstein PSS10

Bilstein B16 Ride Control Coilovers for VW MK7 GTI /Golf R/ Audi A3/ S3

MK7 GTI A3 S3 Coilovers Bilstein ride control

H&R Street Performance Coilovers for VW MK7 GTI /Golf R/ Audi A3/ S3

z coilovers

H&R RSS+ Performance Coilovers for VW MK7 GTI /Golf R/ Audi A3/ S3

z coilovers-

STX Suspension Coilovers for VW MK7 GTI /Golf R/ Audi A3/ S3

z coilovers---

ST XTA Suspension Coilovers for VW MK7 GTI /Golf R/ Audi A3/ S3

z coilovers--


How to install Coilovers on a MK7 GTI


We test drive our MK7 GTI with Bilstein PSS Coilovers on it