FSI Low Pressure Fuel Sensor Failures (mounted on HFPF)

FSI Low Pressure Fuel Sensor Failures (mounted on HFPF)

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The most common fuel pressure sensor to fail on the FSI engine is the low pressure fuel sensor.  This part is mounted on the side of the high pressure fuel pump.  When this part fails you may experience intermittent cold start stalling issues, as well as fuel cuts under acceleration, which would likely become more frequent over time.  VW also had a technical bulletin which you may be able to find by looking to the bulletin number RVUTB 20 08 03.  While many 2.0T FSI cars have the most updated part in their vehicle you should consider checking this part if you have the symptoms or faults mentioned.

Fault Codes that may be related to a Bad Fuel Pressure sensor on your VW or Audi 2.0T FSI

- P129F (Low-Pressure Fuel Pressure Regulation: Pressure too High)

- P310B (Low Pressure Fuel regulation: Fuel Pressure outside Specification).


Please note this part has been revised and an updated version is available. The previous revisions are as follows 06E-906-051-E, 06E906051E, 06E-906-051-J, 06E906051J.


Be sure that you are getting the most updated parts for your FSI engine.


 Most updated OEM VW/ Audi 2.0T FSI Low Pressure Fuel Sensor 06E906051K


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