DAP MK7 GTI Build Thread

DAP MK7 GTI Build Thread

Our build thread is long over due for the Deutsche Auto Parts MK7 GTI! This article includes links to all the mods we installed on our MK7 GTI from start to today!

Part 1 - Our Stock MK7 GTI

We explain a little more about what our plans are, as well as the specs of the stock MK7 GTI we started with.  This is here to show you the stock vehicle so you can see the progressive changes.


Part 2 - LED License Plate Lights (with DIY)

Our first mod, we installed OEM LED License Plate Lights.  The factory fog lights on the MK7 GTI are LED so getting the license plate lights swapped over keeps everything more consistent.


Part 3 - Remote Windows Coding

Remote windows.... This mod is very easy and either free or inexpensive.  A great and convenient way to roll down the windows on your MK7 via your key fob. Full DIY available here!


Part 4 - Euro Headlight Switch (with DIY)

Euro Switches have been a very popular mod since the early watercooled VW models.  Adding a European headlight switch often gives you a few functions you wish your vehicle had.


Part 5 - P3 Electronic Boost Gauge

If you are going to be modding your turbocharged car then knowing your boost levels is important.  In part 5 we added a digital vent gauge with has a boost gauge and so much more.


Part 6 - Our Intake

Intakes...... We add an intake to our vehicle and share a little more detail about the why we chose the intake we did, and what we would have done different.


Part 7 - Lowering Springs

We install lowering springs on our MK7 GTI, make a DIY and talk about what made us choose this brand.... even though we were going to take them off for coilovers.


Part 8 - OEM European LED Tail Lights

European LED Tail Lights.  This is what we are most know for since we developed the first plug and play harness (patent pending) to make make this install possible with the correct functionality.


Part 9 - Blind Spot Mirrors

Blind Spot Mirrors, the correct term for these is aspherical mirrors as the outer edges of the glass are rounded.  Take a look here for more info on how these work and why they're useful.



Part 10 - Mirror Caps 

We install mirror caps on our MK7 GTI and go over a few options available for you to change your mirrors.  This includes some imported OEM European mirror caps.  We also have a DIY on how to remove and install mirror caps on a MK7 inside.


Part 11 -  Catch Cans

MK7 GTI Build Part 11 Catch Can

A catch can could be a great addition to your MK7.  This would be a preventative item to ensure you keep the intake air as clean as possible.  Take a look inside to see how it works, and how to install this catch can on our MK7 GTI.


Part 12 - Black Emblems

MK7 Build Part 11 Black Emblems

We get rid of the chrome VW emblems and swap to black.  We also have a DIY on how to perform the install for these black MK7 Emblems.


Part 13 - Software Tuning


Tuning software is likely to most common modification for those looking to get more power out of their VW or Audi model.  Take a look inside for more details about tuning software and selecting the one for you.


Part 14 -  Coilovers


Coilovers are a great way to lower your vehicle.  This offers you great ride height adjustability to dial in your stance while offering improved handling.  Take a look inside for more details on MK7 coilovers.


Part 15 - Helix Headlights


Coming Soon


Part 16 - Front Grille


Coming Soon


Part 17 - Downpipe


Coming Soon


Part 18 - Center Exit Exhaust


Coming Soon


Part 19 - Maintenance


Coming Soon


Part 20 -  Intercooler


Coming Soon


Part 21 - Short Shifter


Coming Soon


Part 22 - Shifter Bracket and Bushings


Coming Soon