2.0T FSI Timing Chain, Chain Adjuster and Chain Tensioner Problems

2.0T FSI Timing Chain, Chain Adjuster and Chain Tensioner Problems

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We want to start by mentioning the part failures mentioned in this article would not be considered common, but we wanted to share them to help stress the importance of vehicle maintenance.   While vehicle maintenance is always important the following could be a glimpse of what could be if your 2.0T FSI engine is not maintained well.

The FSI engine uses a timing belt on the passenger side of the engine, but the driver’s side has a timing chain that keeps the 2 camshafts in time.  The first component in this system is the Cam Chain Adjuster, which is mounted on the exhaust cam and uses oil pressure to adjust cam timing.  This adjuster is used to execute the control of the variable valve timing on the 2.0T FSI engine.  Since this part uses oil pressure to adjust the timing, if this part becomes clogged it may no longer be able to adjust the timing.

2.0T FSI Cam Chain Adjuster (Mounted on the Cam) 06F109088J

2.0t FSI Cam Adjuster 06F109088J


The next component in this system is the Cam Timing Chain Tensioner; this part sits between the cams and keeps tension on the timing chain.  If this FSI Cam Chain Tensioner fails it will cause slack in the timing chain keeping the cams in tFSime.  If this happens the cam chain will almost certainly lose tension causing the timing to jump.  This will result in bent valves or other engine damage.

2.0T FSI Cam Chain Tensioner 06F109217A

2.0t FSI Cam Chain Tensioner 06F109217A


Lastly the FSI Cam Adjuster Control Valve (N205), this part is a solenoid valve which controls the oil flow to the cam adjuster giving the ECU the ability to change timing.  Since this part is oil driven a poorly maintained FSI engine may be more likely to have this part fail.  If this part fails you also may get faults such as P000A/000010 - Camshaft A (Bank 1 Intake): Positioner Slow Response.

2.0T FSI Cam Adjuster Control Valve N205

2.0t FSI Cam Adjuster Solenoid (N205) 06F109257C

Since the chain adjuster is oil pressure driven, we have heard of a recent failure that is happening around possible maintenance neglect.  If the oil in an FSI engine is not changed regularly or subpar oil is used it can cause sludge.  If you get sludge or other contaminants in your engine it could clog this timing chain tensioner, not giving it any oil pressure.  If the tensioner has no oil pressure it will allow slack on the cam timing chain causing the engine to jump time.This failure would cause valves to bend and the engine must be broken down to repair this at a cost of probably $3-4k.

Make sure to regularly maintain your VW or Audi 2.0T FSI with oil that meets the proper spec (VW 502 00) for your FSI Engine.

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