2.0T VW and Audi TSI Timing Chain Tensioner Problems

2.0T VW and Audi TSI Timing Chain Tensioner Problems

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OBDeleven Scan Tool for VW and Audi  


VW and Audi 2.0T TSI Engines had some issues relating to the lower timing chain tensioner.   This includes both CCTA, CBFA, CAEB and CPMA engines from 2008-2015.  On this model these was an early version of this tensioner that may fail losing its hydraulic tension.

When the 2.0T TSI Timing Chain Tensioner Fails it can cause the intake or exhaust valves to contact the piston while the engine is running.  If this happens you will need the cylinder head to be removed and the valves to be replaced.  At this time you would also need to verify there was no further damage done to the pistons, cylinder walls or cylinder head.  This repair would cost $2-4K depending on the damage done.


Here is a basic 2.0T TSI Timing Chain Tensioner Service Kit

2.0t TSI Timing Chain Tensioner Kit VW and Audi


Here is the 2.0t TSI Timing Chain Replacement Kit (with updated tensioner)

2.0t TSI Timing Chain Kit VW and Audi 06h198004


Here is a kit for if your 2.0t TSI (CCTA Engine Code) has Bent Valves

2.0t TSI CCTA Cylinder Head Bent Valve Kit


Bent Valve kit for 2.0t TSI Engine (Code CBFA)

2.0t TSI CBFA Cylinder Head Bent Valve Kit

Bent Valve kit for Audi 2.0t TSI Engine (Code CAEB)

2.0t TFSI Audi Cylinder Head Kit for CAEB engine code


2.0t TSI Timing Chain Install Tool Kit

Tool Kit for 2.0t TSI Timing Chain Install


How do you know if this happened to your vehicle?  If this tensioner fails you could have any of the following issues.  Engine rattling noise at start up, No start condition (because the timing chain has jumped and you likely have significant engine damaged), as well as fault codes P0016 (Crank/ Cam position sensor correlation) or P0328 (Knock Sensor 1 Circuit High Input).

If you have a TSI you should considering replacing your tensioner as a preventative to ensure your engine does not jump timing and cause significant damage to your engine.  We have heard of these failing with fairly low miles (30K) on them. This part is found on the passenger (Right) side of the engine and the lower timing chain cover must be removed to access it.


What vehicles are affected?

Its tough to be certain but all of our research has led us to believe that any 2.0t TSI engine up to 2013 should be checked.  Its often been said some 2012 model have the old and some have the new.  Since we cant be 100% certain we recommend checking to be certain.


How Common is this?

It still remains to be seen how common this is, but here are my thoughts.  This issue it common enough that you absolutely positively should check yours.  Why?  Because not updating your tensioner and continuing to drive is a pretty big gamble.


What should I expect to pay?

You should be looking at roughly 5 hours labor just for updating the tensioner.  Doing this will ensure you get the newest revision in your vehicle, which should prevent future issues.


Previous Versions of this VW/Audi Tensioner are 06H-109-467-N, 06H-109-467-AB, 06H-109-467-T.  Be sure to get the most updated version at this time found Here.


Werkzeug Special Tools for 2.0t TSI



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