Suspension Install Tool Kit for MK7, MK6 and MK5


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Suspension Install Tool Kit for MK7, MK6 and MK5

Customize Suspension Install Tool Kit for MK7, MK6 and MK5

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Tool Kit for VW/ Audi Suspension Install
Suspension Install Tool Kit for MK7, MK6 and MK5

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Manufacturer: Assembled by DAP

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    Looking to install springs or coilovers on your vehicle and want to make sure you have the unique special hand tools you might need for your install?  This kit will make sure you don't end up scrambling to find a special tool with your car in pieces.   

    Included in this kit:

    Triple Square Kit Includes
    M5 Short Triple Square
    M6 Short Triple Square
    M8 Short Triple Square
    M10 Short Triple Square
    M12 Short Triple Square
    M14 Short Triple Square
    M5 Long Triple Square
    M6 Long Triple Square
    M8 Long Triple Square
    M10 Long Triple Square
    M12 Long Triple Square
    1/2'' Drive Friction Base

    Strut Top Nut Socket (21mm and 22mm) 
    This tool allows you to loosen the strut top nut without air tools. Without air tools the shock body will continue to spin while you try to loosen the top nut.  This tool will allow you to hold and loosen the top nut.  
    Strut Spreader Tool for VW & Audi 
    The front shocks on most VW and Audi models uses a steering knuckle that must be spread open to allow getting the front struts out of the vehicle.  There are a few hacks out there to get around this but this tool will make you life a whole lot easier. 
    *Most VW/Audi models come from the factory with a 21mm retaining nut, while some models and many aftermarket coilover suspensions use a 22mm retaining nut.*
    Vehicle Application Data
    Manufacturer Assembled by DAP
    Shipping Backorder
    Vehicle Application Data
    Make Model
    Vehicles & Parts > Vehicle Parts & Accessories
    Vehicles & Parts > Vehicle Parts & Accessories > Vehicle Maintenance, Care & Decor > Vehicle Repair & Specialty Tools
    Audi 8V RS3 (2017-2020)
    Audi Audi A3 - 8P (2009-2013)
    Audi Audi MK1 TT (2000-2006)
    Audi Audi MK2 TT (2007-2014)
    Audi Audi MK2 TTS (2009-2014)
    Volkswagen B5 Passat (1998-2001.5)
    Volkswagen B5.5 Passat (2001.5-2005)
    Volkswagen B6 Passat (2006-2010)
    Volkswagen B7 Passat (2012-2019)
    Volkswagen Beetle (1998-2005)
    Volkswagen Beetle (2006-2010)
    Volkswagen Beetle (2012-2017)
    Volkswagen Beetle Convertible (2003-2005)
    Volkswagen Beetle Convertible (2006-2010)
    Volkswagen CC (2009-2012)
    Volkswagen CC (2013-2017)
    Volkswagen Eos (2006–2015)
    Volkswagen MK3 GTI (1994-1999.5)
    Volkswagen MK3 Golf (1994-1999.5)
    Volkswagen MK3 Jetta (1994-1999.5)
    Volkswagen MK4 GTI (1999.5-2005.5)
    Volkswagen MK4 Golf (1999.5-2006)
    Volkswagen MK4 Jetta (1999.5-2005.5)
    Volkswagen MK4 R32
    Volkswagen MK5 GTI (2006-2009)
    Volkswagen MK5 Jetta (2005.5-2010)
    Volkswagen MK5 R32
    Volkswagen MK6 GLI (2011-2014)
    Volkswagen MK6 GTI (2010-2014)
    Volkswagen MK6 Golf (2010-2014)
    Volkswagen MK6 Golf R
    Volkswagen MK6 Jetta (2011-2014)
    Volkswagen MK7 GLI (2019 - Current)
    Volkswagen MK7 GTI 2015-2017
    Volkswagen MK7 Golf (2015-2021)
    Volkswagen MK7 Golf Alltrack (2017-2021)
    Volkswagen MK7 Golf R (2015-2017)
    Volkswagen MK7 Golf Wagon (2015-2021)
    Volkswagen MK7.5 GTI Facelift (2018-2021)
    Volkswagen MK7.5 Golf R Facelift (2018-2021)
    Volkswagen MK8 GTI (2022-Current)
    Volkswagen MK8 Golf R (2022-Current)
    Volkswagen Rabbit (2006-2009)
    Volkswagen Sportwagen (2009)
    Volkswagen Sportwagen (2010-2014)
    Volkswagen Tiguan 1 (2009-2011)
    Volkswagen Tiguan 2 (2012-2018)
    Volkswagen Touareg 1 (2004-2007)
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