Unitronic 3.0TFSI Supercharger Pulley Kit (Existing Software Clients)


Unitronic 3.0TFSI Supercharger Pulley Kit for Vehicles with Existing Software - UH008BTA

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Manufacturer: Unitronic

Ships In: 1-3 Business Days From our Supplier

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This is upgrade is only for vehicles that already have Stage 1, or Stage 1+ ECU software already installed and are looking to upgrade to Stage 2+ (Single Pulley Upgrade)

The Stage 2+ tuning software for Audi 3.0t engines requires the installation of a performance Supercharger Pulley.  The Unitronic Stage 2+ software is flashed on to vehicles at our location in Cornelius NC or through the Uniconnect+ Cable (Required to install)  This performance software is optimized for 93 octane fuel.  Give your VW Supercharged engine the power it deserves with this Performance Tune. 

We are located in Cornelius NC (Just North of Charlotte, NC).  Please us contact for any questions or to schedule an appointment for your VW or Audi Performance Software.

This Uniconnect+ Cable is required and not included if you are planning to flash your vehicle on your own.  Uniconnect+ Cable HERE

3.0t Unitronic Stage 2+ Performance Software 
Stock: 333hp / 325lbft torque
Stage 1 : 450hp / 385lbft torque
Horsepower Increase: 117hp
Torque Increase: 60lbft 

Kit includes

Single Pulley Upgrade Kit

Stage 2+ Software


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Uniconnect+ Cable

Audi 3.0t Unitronic Stage 2+ Tune Features

Engineered with Strict Industry Standards
Extensively Tested Under Various Driving Conditions
Factory Safety Limiters Retained
Optimized Responsiveness and Drivability
Optimized Smoothness and Driving Comfort
Power Delivery Perfectly Optimized Throughout the Power Band
Improved Fuel Efficiency
RPM Limiter Increase to 7200rpm for B8/8.5 6MT, 6800rpm for B8 DSG, and 6300rpm for B8.5 DSG.
Ignition Timing Precisely Calibrated for Higher Octane Fuel


Install this Tune at home with this Uniconnect+ Cable

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