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Software Upgrades - 1.4L TSI - UNI14LUpgrades

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Manufacturer: Genuine Volkswagen/Audi

Ships In: 1-3 Business Days From our Facility

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Do you already own Unitronic performance software for your 1.4L TSI engine and are looking for more power? We have gathered all the Unitronic performance software upgrades available for the 1.4L TSI engine and placed them in one location for easy upgrading!

ECU Tune Stats

Stock: 150hp / 184lbft torque
Stage 1 : 175hp / 225lbft torque
Horsepower Increase: 25hp
Torque Increase: 41lbft 
Stock: 150hp / 184lbft torque
Stage 1 : 181hp / 234lbft torque
Horsepower Increase: 31hp
Torque Increase: 50lbft 

Stock: 150hp / 184lbft torque
Stage 1 : 196hp / 257lbft torque
Horsepower Increase: 46hp
Torque Increase: 73lbft 

We are located in Cornelius NC (Just North of Charlotte, NC).  Please us contact for any questions or to schedule an appointment for your VW or Audi Performance Software.

This Uniconnect+ Cable is required and not included if you are planning to flash your vehicle on your own.  Uniconnect+ Cable HERE

Vehicle Application Data
Manufacturer Genuine Volkswagen/Audi
Shipping 1-3 Business Days From our Facility
Vehicle Application Data
Make Model Engine
Volkswagen MK6 Jetta (Facelift) 2015-2018 1.4T
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