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Stage 1 DSG and Stage 1+ ECU (Tune) Software Combo for MK7/7.5 GTI  and Audi 8V A3

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Manufacturer: Unitronic

Ships In: With Uniconnect+ or for Local Install

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  1. Deciding....
    Oh man, did I have the hardest time deciding on if I should flash my car with ANY kind of tune. But I had the notion to upgrade the power of the car, basically just because an extra 100HP is nothing to sniff at. Long story short, had read many reviews and blogs, I decided that the safest tune was indeed the Unitronic (as opposed to Eurodyne, APR etc, which all seemed to have some form of teething issue or required some fiddling by the user). The APR seems to tear up turbo's on a regular basis, but the Unitronic gets near the same performance using timing and other parameters without putting your turbo at high risk. Good enough for me, I don't need a tore up turbo. The Unitronic seemed to have no issues or complaints, and mostly the combination of the TCU and ECU tunes together produced the most positive responses and reviews.

    I bit the bullet, and ordered the combo from DAP along with the UniConnect cable so I could undertake this upgrade myself at home. I followed Pauls advice and connected the battery charger while flashing the ECU and TCU so that I maintained the voltage. Car needs to be turned on (not running) for about 45 mins while flashing, so you don't want the voltage to drop, which could brick your ECU/TCU in the middle of the flash. Mine went perfectly, I cleared codes, fired up OBDEleven, cleared all codes there and WOW!

    The result? An absolute tripple what the hell wow moment! The car runs so much better, and the TCU tune makes the driving experience 1000 times better. Now, here's the thing, I am 57 and don't subscribe to pasting my car at every opportunity, I really wanted to give myself the feeling of more power and driving capability without having to demonstrate this silliness at each red light, and as I realize now, once flashed it fixed the OEM crappy transmission gear programming.

    By comparison, I cannot state clearly enough that with the OEM DSG software, I was fighting the gears to try an be in the right gear for all driving situations, feathering the accelerator to get into the right gear, it just never seemed to get there, either too high a gear, or too low....absolutely awful and stressful. Not my idea for a sports hatch, I wanted to enjoy the driving experience, not fight the damn thing to satisfy some VW programmer who thinks I need to be getting 80MPG out of this sports car!.

    Unitronic took care of this toot-sweet, and provided more than I expected in engine performance and transmission behavior. Smooth, precise and is now in the correct gear for every situation. You DSG guys know this....bloody thing is in 6th gear laboring along at 40 MPH? familiar? Get the Unitronic flash and this nonsense goes away. The car will be in the correct gear for EVERY situation. Its almost like it knows, or anticipates what is coming next, and responds accordingly before you do (or can). Perfect!

    Recommended? ABSOLUTELY YES. The car is as mild as a kitten.... or has the roar and go of a ticked off Lion. Driving like an old man, it does not give any indication of what it is capable of. Put you foot in it, and watch out!. Things can get out of hand, and this is only a Stage 1+ package. The transmission shift points are now absolutely PERFECT in every way and are matched to the engine.

    The difference is how it should have behaved from the factory. It is that good, and really shows what an absolute crappy job VW did on the original DSG TCU programming. They programmed this "sports" car to act like a gas saving econobox, always trying to get to the highest possible gear as quickly as possible in D, and always revving too high and creating thoughts like "what the hell is this doing now) in Sport mode. Now the DSG behaves itself flawlessly in ALL modes.

    VW should be ashamed (that is my opinion).

    If you are concerned about Warranty....that is your choice, for me, I have 3,000 miles on my car, and figured that if some engine issues were coming, they would have made themselves known. I am not too concerned about the warranty side, I would much rather ENJOY the car for what Unitronic can make it do with their tunes. If there is a problem, I am sure that unless its my fault, the warranty will still apply. For example, if my radio breaks...under warranty, seat squeaks, under warranty, door handle falls off...same. I think the concept of "loosing the warranty for a tune" is over hyped. If I need to, I will deal with that should the situation arrive.

    I....cannot recommend this upgrade enough, it really makes the car run so much better. I would not recommend doing the engine tune without the transmission tune. I would recommend the transmission tune by itself to clean up the DSG programming mess VW left you with. The TCU tune really, and I mean really smooths out the gear issues, while behaving like it came from the factory this way (and it bloody well should have).

    No hesitation from me, I would do this again without any thought at all because it makes the car react totally differently in a very positive way. Highly recommended. A+


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