Stud Conversion Kit for High Pressure Fuel Pump (HPFP) on 2.0T FSI

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  1. Could be better
    Could be better
    I have a 2006 FSI GTi. Both fuel lines are hard lines on the 2006,which makes removing the pump not fun. It involves the banjo bolt. Long story short is the pump needs to be maneuvered in different directions to be removed and having to slide the pump off the bolts would make the job more difficult if not impossible. So I don't see this as a practical option even though I would really like to have studs so I am not constantly screwing into the head when I change my cam follower. I also think a key should be designed into the studs so they can be tightened with an Allen wrench. Would make for a much better product. I wouldn't recommend this for 2006 GTi but if you have a later model with out the hard fuel line then it should work fine. I'll rate this product a 4 of 5, but don't recommend for 2006. Needs a Allen wrench key on the top of the studs. FAST SHIPPING and good seller.


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1 Item

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