European LED MK7 Tail Lights (Cherry Red) with Rear Fog Lights and Adapter Harness

Manufacturer: Genuine Volkswagen/Audi

Ships In: Product has been replaced with a newer revision

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You're reviewing:European LED MK7 Tail Lights (Cherry Red) with Rear Fog Lights and Adapter Harness (Replaced by 5G0998207FHGRP)
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  1. Prefer LED Tail lights
    Prefer LED Tail lights
    Contacted Paul and he was very helpful in assuring that the installation was pretty easy for the LED tail lamps, and it was. I first wanted to get rid of the US tails as a function of safety first, and then style improvement second. I consider the original incandescent tail lights quite dangerous as the running light, brake light and tail light basically rely on one bulb per side, and seeing how difficult it was for drivers behind the car to actually figure out what was happening especially braking and indicating...I think this creates a substantial risk of getting rear ended.

    Upgrading the tails to the Euro Cherry Red LED's with integrated rear fog and bright amber indicators was the best upgrade thus far. The tail lights will operate without coding, but I would highly recommend to get the OBDEleven dongle with your order to code the lights in correctly and activate the rear fog with the euro switch. I have the setup complete and could not be happier. I did have to get a bit of guidance from Paul, but along with the "how-to" videos he produces, the install was complete in about 2 hours.

    Pricey? Yes
    Worth it? Absolutely!
    Massive improvement for safety? No doubt!
    Look a darn site cooler than originals....Priceless!

    I highly recommend this upgrade as the DAP harness and simple instructions made all the difference in the world. I still see others upgrading to these lights and messing up the coding. If you get the complete kit from DAP, it really is plug and go without the fuss.


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