Parts Cannon

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Parts Cannon

Manufacturer: Werkzeug USA

Ships In: 1-3 Business Days From our Facility

Are you tired of having issues with your car?  Don't you wish repairing your vehicle was as easy as one of those delicious microwave diners, with the brownie you love so much?  With the parts cannon you just blast your issues away.  No need to diagnose that pesky check engine light...... just load your cannon up and start indiscriminately blasting parts with any faults you might see.

Examples of Parts Cannon Usage

  • Got a "secondary air incorrect flow" fault, incorrectly throw a secondary air system at it..... yes the whole system. 
  • Got a "cam timing incorrect allocation" fault after doing a timing belt.  Its certainly a bad cam sensor.  
  • Got a "system too lean" fault  replace the oxygen sensor, mass air flow sensor and throttle body.  Whats that they didnt fix it?  Better assume all the parts you were sold are bad and they need to be warrantied.  Couldnt possibly be the lack of diagnostic done.

*parts cannon does not make any promise to repair your vehicle.  If it didn't fix it, you didn't blast hard enough.   

Vehicle Application Data
Manufacturer Werkzeug USA
Shipping 1-3 Business Days From our Facility
Vehicle Application Data
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