34 Pc Torx Bit Set

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34 Pc Torx Bit Set

Manufacturer: Werkzeug USA

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When working with VW and Audi models you will often run accross torx bolts.   This comprehensive kit should have all the torx bits you might need to repair your VW or Audi model.  


34 Piece Torx Bit Set Includes

T10 Torx Sockect (3/8 Drive)
T15 Torx Sockect (3/8 Drive)
T20 Torx Sockect (3/8 Drive)
T25 Torx Sockect (3/8 Drive)
T27 Torx Sockect (3/8 Drive)
T30 Torx Sockect (3/8 Drive)
T40 Torx Sockect (3/8 Drive)
T45 Torx Sockect (3/8 Drive)
T50 Torx Sockect (3/8 Drive)
T55 Torx Sockect (3/8 Drive)
T60 Torx Sockect (3/8 Drive)

5 E-Torx Sockect (3/8 Drive)
6 E-Torx Sockect (3/8 Drive)
7 E-Torx Sockect (3/8 Drive)
8 E-Torx Sockect (3/8 Drive)
10 E-Torx Sockect (3/8 Drive)
11 E-Torx Sockect (3/8 Drive)
12 E-Torx Sockect (3/8 Drive)
14 E-Torx Sockect (3/8 Drive)
16 E-Torx Sockect (3/8 Drive)
18 E-Torx Sockect (3/8 Drive)
20 E-Torx Sockect (3/8 Drive)

3/8 Drive Bit Driver Socket
T10 Tamper Proof Bit
T15 Tamper Proof Bit
T20 Tamper Proof Bit
T25 Tamper Proof Bit
T27 Tamper Proof Bit
T30 Tamper Proof Bit
T40 Tamper Proof Bit
T45 Tamper Proof Bit
T50 Tamper Proof Bit
T55 Tamper Proof Bit

Vehicle Application Data
Manufacturer Werkzeug USA
Shipping 1 Business Day From our Facility
Vehicle Application Data
Make Model
Vehicles & Parts > Vehicle Parts & Accessories
Audi Audi A3 8P 2006-2008
Audi Audi A3 8P 2009-2013
Audi Audi A3 8V 2014-PRESENT
Audi Audi B5 A4 1994-2001
Audi Audi B5 S4 2000-2002
Audi Audi B6 A4 2001-2005
Audi Audi B6 S4 2004-2005
Audi Audi B7 A4 2005-2008
Audi Audi B7 S4 2005.5-2009
Audi Audi B8 A4 2009-2012
Audi Audi B8 A5 2008-2012
Audi Audi B8 S4 2010-2012
Audi Audi B8 S5 2008-2012
Audi Audi B8.5 A4 2013-2016
Audi Audi B8.5 A5 2013-2017
Audi Audi B8.5 S4 2013-2017
Audi Audi C5 A6 1998-2004
Audi Audi C5 Allroad 1999-2005
Audi Audi C6 A6 2005-2011
Audi Audi C7 A6 2012-PRESENT
Audi Audi C7 Allroad 2012-Present
Audi Audi D2 A8 1994-2002
Audi Audi D3 A8 2003-2009
Audi Audi Q5 2009-Current
Audi Audi S3 8V 2015-Current
Audi Audi TT MK1 2000-2006
Audi Audi TT MK2 2007-2014
Audi Audi TTS MK2 2009-2014
Audi MK2 TTRS 2009-2014
Audi Q7 2005-2015 (4L Chassis)
Volkswagen 1998-2005 Beetle
Volkswagen 2003-2005 Beetle Convertible
Volkswagen 2006-2009 MK5 Rabbit
Volkswagen 2006-2010 Beetle
Volkswagen 2006-2010 Beetle Convertible
Volkswagen 2009 Sportwagen
Volkswagen 2009-2011 Tiguan 1
Volkswagen 2009-2012 CC
Volkswagen 2010-2014 Sportwagen
Volkswagen 2012-2018 Tiguan 2
Volkswagen 2012-Present Beetle
Volkswagen 2013-2017 CC
Volkswagen B5 Passat 1998-2001.5
Volkswagen B5.5 Passat 2001.5-2005
Volkswagen B6 Passat 2006-2010
Volkswagen B7 Passat 2012-Present
Volkswagen MK3 GTI 1994-1999.5
Volkswagen MK3 Golf 1994-1999.5
Volkswagen MK3 Jetta 1994-1999.5
Volkswagen MK4 GTI 1999.5-2005.5
Volkswagen MK4 Golf 1999.5-2006
Volkswagen MK4 Jetta 1999.5-2005.5
Volkswagen MK4 R32
Volkswagen MK5 GTI 2006-2009
Volkswagen MK5 Jetta 2005.5-2010
Volkswagen MK5 R32
Volkswagen MK6 GTI 2010-2014
Volkswagen MK6 Golf 2010-2014
Volkswagen MK6 Golf R
Volkswagen MK6 Jetta (Facelift) 2015-2018
Volkswagen MK6 Jetta 2011-2014
Volkswagen MK7 GTI 2015-2017
Volkswagen MK7 Golf 2015-Present
Volkswagen MK7 Golf Alltrack 2017-Present
Volkswagen MK7 Golf R 2015-2017
Volkswagen MK7 Golf Wagon 2015-Present
Volkswagen MK7.5 Facelift GTI 2018-Present
Volkswagen MK7.5 Facelift Golf-R 2018-Present
Volkswagen Touareg 1 2004-2007
Volkswagen Touareg 2 2008-2010
Volkswagen Touareg 3 2011+
Volkswagen VW Eos Parts
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