IE Forged Drop-In Connecting Rods VW & Audi 144X21 | Fits MK6/B8 2.0T EA888 Gen 1 & 2 With Stock Pistons


IE Forged Drop-In Connecting Rods VW & Audi 144X21 | Fits MK6/B8 2.0T EA888 Gen 1 & 2 With Stock Pistons

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When increasing the power output of your EA888 2.0T Gen 1 & 2 engine, internal parts begin to fail as they are pushed far beyond their original factory spec limits. Integrated Engineering Forged Connecting Rods are designed to replace the factory units and take the beating from today's high-output power modifications. Drive fast and reliably with IE performance rods, guaranteed to support 700HP!

Drop-In Rod

IE drop-in rods are designed to be used with the stock 21mm tapered wrist pin pistons in your engine. No modification or machine work is required, making for a faster and easier connecting rod upgrade. Most builds utilizing drop-in rods can be done with the block remaining in the vehicle. Perfect for engine builders looking to upgrade power beyond stock rod levels, but the power limits of the stock pistons have not been reached.

Technical Dimensions

Center to Center: 144mm

Wrist Pin Diameter: 21mm

Big End Journal Width: 21.90mm

Wrist Pin Style: Taped rod for stock 21mm pistons

Big End Journal Diameter: 50.60mm

Average Rod Weight (with Bolts): 522 grams

Rod Bolt Dimensions: 3/8" x 1.5" UHL

Additional Features

H Beam Design

The H-beam design is the workhorse of our connecting rod product line. This design features strength, durability, stiffness and rigidity. IE H-beam Connecting Rods are a great upgrade over weaker factory units.

Computer Optimized 

All IE rods are designed specifically for the application using relevant cylinder pressure and other application-specific factors. We put our vast European engine knowledge to use when designing each application.

Rifle Drilling 

Also referred to as Forced Pin Oiling (FPO), rifle drilling increases wrist pin longevity by providing additional lubrication. This upgrade is highly recommended for street-driven cars that see mileage put on them. Rifle drilling is sold separately on this application.

Honed In-House

Honing the connecting rod big end in-house on state of the art equipment ensures the tolerances are set correctly to ensure proper bearing operation. Lesser quality rods are often not honed with the same attention to detail.

Material Forged 4340

Made from strong and durable 2 piece 4340 forgings these rods will withstand almost everything you can throw at them.

IE/ARP Rod Bolts

All IE rods come standard with ARP 2000 rod bolts. The rod bolts included in every set of IE rods are stamped with the letters "IE" as a way to ensure you have a genuine set of IE rods.

Vehicle Application Data
Manufacturer Integrated Engineering
Shipping 1-3 Business Days From our Facility
Vehicle Application Data
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