Haldex Controller Gen5 0CQ (MQB) (Stand ALone)


Haldex Controller Gen5 0CQ (MQB) (Stand ALone) - HDCG50CQSA

Manufacturer: Van Der Veer Engineering

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*This module is intended for use in cars that did NOT come from the factory equipped with AWD. If your car already has AWD you would want to purchase the Plug and Play version of this module*

Haldex Controller

Haldex Performance Controller to have full control of the Haldex 4Motion system. Used in Dragrace, Track race, Street race and Daily driving. The Haldex Controller can be used in original 4Motion car with a plug and play solution or run the Haldex in a standalone solution in any car from a Golf MK1 to newest cars. The standalone solution does not need any other sensors like the ABS
All controls will be done with the Haldex Controller App. Switching driving modes, creating Maps and viewing Haldex data.
The system is fully plug and play for all Haldex models. No need to change or replace parts of the Haldex so the Haldex Controller can be removed just as easy and installed in another car.
Almost all VAG Haldex systems are supported Gen1 Gen2 Gen4 and Gen5 0AY.

Used defined characteristic with different operating modes:
Haldex Off
Stock mode
Lock Haldex 100/0 to 50/50
Map based on Throttle signal
Map based on Speed signal
Map based on Boost signal
Map based on Throttle and Speed signal

Lots of overall options:
Startup mode last used or fixed mode
Haldex disengage on handbrake
Haldex disengage on Brake
Brake ignore
And more

The Haldex Controller comes with a control unit a solid and waterproof housing that can be placed inside the trunk or outside the car if needed. Wiring loom set inline plug and play for all original 4Motion cars or a standalone wiring set that has long wires to connect all manually when there is no connection available. The App is free and available in the App store.
The App will show live information about the Haldex system like how much torque is transmitted to the rear wheels. The App interface is also used to change all settings in the controller and to create Haldex configurations and maps.
The Haldex Controller does not replace the existing Haldex Controller unit and can only be used with a fully working existing haldex controller

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Vehicle Application Data
Manufacturer Van Der Veer Engineering
Shipping 10-14 Business Days From our Facility
Vehicle Application Data
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