Secondary Air Injection Pump

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Secondary Air Injection Pump

Manufacturer: Genuine Volkswagen/Audi

Ships In: 1-3 Business Days From our Facility

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The secondary air injection pump's job is to pump air into the catalytic converter to heat it up during cold start.  This is done because the catalytic converter does not properly function until it reaches operating temperature.  This pump will generally only run on initial start up and on occasion when the vehicle goes into a self diagnostic mode.  

Previous Versions 07K131333A, 07K-131-333-A, 07K-959-253-A, 07K959253A, 07K133228D, 07K133228E

For 2.5L Cylinder Engines
For 2.0t TSI CBFA Engine
Vehicle Application Data
Manufacturer Genuine Volkswagen/Audi
Shipping 1-3 Business Days From our Facility
Vehicle Application Data
Make Model Engine
Audi Audi A3 8P 2006-2008 2.0 Turbo TSI
Audi Audi A3 8P 2009-2013 2.0 Turbo TSI
Audi Audi TT MK2 2007-2014 2.0T TSI
Volkswagen 2006-2009 MK5 Rabbit 2.5L
Volkswagen 2009 Sportwagen 2.5
Volkswagen 2009-2011 Tiguan 1 2.0 Turbo TSI
Volkswagen 2009-2012 CC 2.0 Turbo TSI
Volkswagen 2010-2014 Sportwagen 2.5
Volkswagen 2012-2018 Tiguan 2 2.0 Turbo TSI
Volkswagen 2012-Present Beetle 2.5
Volkswagen 2013-2017 CC 2.0 Turbo TSI
Volkswagen B7 Passat 2012-Present 2.5L
Volkswagen MK5 GTI 2006-2009 2.0 Turbo TSI
Volkswagen MK5 Jetta 2005.5-2010 2.5
Volkswagen MK6 GTI 2010-2014 2.0 Turbo TSI
Volkswagen MK6 Golf 2010-2014 2.5
Volkswagen MK6 Jetta 2011-2014 2.5
Volkswagen VW Eos Parts 2.0 Turbo TSI
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