MK5 GTI (2006-2009)

MK5 GTI (2006-2009)

The MK5 GTI platform spanned from 2006 to 2009 in the United States and was heavily supported by all aftermarket tuners and performance part manufacturers. The platform initially launched with a brand-new 2.0T FSI motor with a higher output (200hp) than the 1.8T in the previous generation. This generation also marked the first time VW offered their dual-clutch "Direct Shift Gearbox" (DSG) in the United States alongside the 6-speed manual option for the GTI. Previous generations only had a "Tiptronic" automatic as an option.


In the middle of the 2008 model year (2008.5) Volkswagen switched to a re-designed "TSI" motor to alleviate some common maintenance problems found in the FSI's, namely premature cam follower wear. If you are an FSI owner be sure you keep a close eye on this issue. Both of these engines respond very well to performance parts such as cold air intakes, downpipes, catback exhausts, K04 turbo upgrades, coilovers, and more. If you are looking to give your MK5 GTI a new look, increase the horsepower, or are just looking for OEM parts, check out all of our options available from Deutsche Auto Parts below.


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