Sport Spring & Damper Kit / A5-Platform AWD: Golf 6R, S3 8P (55mm strut)

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Racingline Sport Spring & Damper Kit - A5-Platform AWD: Golf 6R, S3 8P (55mm strut)

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When it comes to Sport Dampers & Springs at an affordable price, the compromise between performance and comfort has been a persistent dilemma for keen drivers and enthusiasts. With the RacingLine Performance Sport Suspension kit, which consists of two front and two rear Tri-Valve Dampers & Matching VWR Sport Springs, this dilemma becomes a thing of the past for Golf 5, 6, Scirocco and the other VAG cars on the A5-platform at an affordable price.

Extensive development from VWR vast race set-up experience on the VWG A5 platform ensures superior road-holding and a positive transformation in handling characteristics, all achieved without compromising comfort; guaranteeing greater stability, control and therefore driving pleasure.

The VWR Sport Shock Absorber & Spring Kit is supplied as 4 dampers with springs. Although the standard springs can be retained for this kit for those who want to retain standard ride height, it has been designed from the outset to work in harmony with VWR Sport Springs. In tandem, these two upgrades provide the ultimate in handling and comfort, they really do make the perfect combination for your car.


Bringing together all of VWR’s motorsport suspension expertise gives a high quality, fast-road orientated damper kit employing sophisticated valving inside the dampers for optimum wheel-control.


The shock absorbers have a precisely matched damping curve to the VWR Sport Spring rate or to the original factory springs.


Ensures suitability of dampers for both standard and lowered cars, as well as a sporty feel during high speed cornering on smooth surfaces and comfort on uneven surfaces.


The addition of Nitrogen gas into the system eliminates oil foaming when the oil is hot, the main cause of shock fade. VWR’s superior Tri-Valve design controls and limits the heat build-up internally ensuring the oil lasts longer.


Comfort guaranteed thanks to dual tube design and low pressure Nitrogen gas system.


Longevity far exceeds OEM spec and many rival aftermarket dampers of similar value due to the higher quality oil used in the VWR Sport Dampers.


Our Sport Damper features three hydraulic valves: one bump valve, one rebound valve and a main valve, with the movement of the damper shaft predominantly controlled by the valves in low and high speed shaft frequencies (smooth and rough road conditions). The bump valve is mainly responsible for the sporty, agile feel of the car on smoother surfaces, whilst the rebound valve maintains the comfort balance. Through extensive testing of damping rates, our engineers have established what we consider to be the ideal settings for enthusiastic driving. The VWR Sport Damper kit is aimed at fast road use, yet has been developed carefully to ensure that the comfort is not sacrificed - in fact, it is the beautiful, taut ride quality that most customers are most impressed by when they try the Sport Damper Kit. Unforgiving bumps in the road which cause other damper kits to react harshly are controlled by the main valve which overrides the bump and rebound valve. It smooths out the reaction of the damper shaft at high speeds to maintain comfort. This intelligent Tri-Valve technology is what sets our Sports Dampers apart from standard OEM dampers. It allows you to have the best of both worlds. 


RacingLine Performance engineers have worked tirelessly to achieve this optimum balance between performance and comfort by using the most sophisticated testing equipment and procedures. A shock dyno was used to extensively simulate the performance of the damper in a variety of situations, from the race track to the road, to confirm endurance and reliability. The body and bracketry of the Sport Dampers are made of mild steel and the damper shaft features a hardened chrome finish. The dampers are finished in a black gloss paint with the RacingLine Performance logo applied. Our Dampers are supplied with a mounting nut for the top of the component, and bespoke to this kit is a Teflon disc which attaches to the damper shaft to prevent the bump stop from sucking oil from the top shaft seal. This is a feature which has been overlooked by most other damper designs in the market and it is one of the key reasons why RacingLine Performance Sport Dampers perform optimally on a consistent basis. How do we achieve this? All of our testing is done using high-cost multi-way adjustable dampers and both VWR Sport Spring and the original factory spring combinations. Only once we have finished our set up do we then 'lock' our settings. The profiles of these development dampers are then fully measured on our damper dyno, and the results replicated exactly into the valving of the Sport dampers. 

IMPORTANT APPLICATION NOTE: This kit is compatible with cars fitted with Volkswagen Group’s switchable ACC suspension – although it’s important to be clear that the dampers loose the switchability of the standard dampers, and an additional electronic box is required at extra cost to avoid fault codes in the car, Please message for details. This kit will fit vehicles with a 55mm Front Strut only.

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