MK7 Euro LED Tail Light Adapter Harness (No Cutting or Splicing)


MK7 Euro LED Tail Light Adapter Harness (No Cutting or Splicing)

Manufacturer: Deutsche Auto Parts

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This adapter harness is for the MK7 European LED Tail Lights. We have been hard at work to bring you an solution to make getting the amber turn signals working on your MK7 GTI or Golf LED tail lights.  Our adapter harness requires no cutting or splicing of the wires inside your vehicle and is the perfect solution to get MK7 LED working the way you want.  VagCom or OBDeleven coding is required when using this harness. 

Please Note: This most current revision of this harness does not require the use of terminal tools if it is installed properly.  We have developed inner and outer adatpers that plug into your existing tail lights connectors making this as easy as it possibly can be.  You will still need to run wires from the inner tail light to the outer and from the outer to the inner.  All parts needed to get your Amber turn signals and rear foglight working on your MK7 are included.  


A Complete Guide to MK7 LED Tail Lights

How your Euro LED tail lights would function with this harness after coding

How to install this MK7 Golf or GTI LED Tail Light Adapter Harness (previous version of this harness)

Intended for off road use.  Please note the harness for LED tail lights was developed and intended for use on US model vehicles.  We cannot speak to its application to vehicles outside the US and Canada.

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Manufacturer Deutsche Auto Parts
Shipping 1 Business Day From our Facility
Vehicle Application Data
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DAP Specials - Tail Lights
Tail Lights
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Volkswagen MK7 GTI 2015-2017
Volkswagen MK7 Golf (2015-2021)
Volkswagen MK7 Golf R (2015-2017)
Volkswagen MK7.5 Golf R Facelift (2018-2021)
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