Drop an Ear and Disappear E85 Tshirt - 2XL


Drop an Ear and Disappear E85 Tshirt - 2XL - tshirt-e85-gear-2X

Manufacturer: Deutsche Auto Parts

Ships In: Limited Quantity

This t-shirt is for all you corn fed boys out there!
For those serious about getting ponies at the expense of driving all over town to find the only gas station in a 30-mile radius with E85....this one’s for you.  


E85 Fuel is primarily ethanol and comes from Corn.  Ethanol fuel has the ability to make more power in your car as it has a higher-octane rating (Roughly 105).  This shirt pays homage to those people who drop an ear of corn in their tank..... then disappear.    

PS don’t actually try to put corn in your gas tank.

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Manufacturer Deutsche Auto Parts
Shipping Limited Quantity
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