Front Wheel Bearing with Hub Assembly

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Front Wheel Bearing with Hub Assembly

Manufacturer: FAG

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This wheel bearing and hub are sold together.  The most common way for wheel bearing to go bad is they will have some play.  This will generally result in a growling or whirring noise.  This noise would generally get louder as the vehicles speed increases.  You can also usually tell which side is bad by making a turn in either direction to see if the noise changes.  A bad wheel bearing would often get quiet if you removed the weight of the vehicle off that wheel.  EXAMPLE: You drive the vehicle at speed and make a left hand turn, the weight of the vehicle shifts to the right side.  If you make a left hand turn and the noise goes away, you should inspect the left (drivers) front wheel bearing for play or wear.  
FAG is the original manufacturer of wheel bearings and you should expect this part to be the same as an OEM on, minus the VW/Audi Logo
VW/Audi Wheel Bearing Kit Includes 
1 Front Wheel Bearing
1 Front Hub Assembly
1 Axle Bolt
4 Wheel Bearing Mounting Bolts
For MK5 R32 and MK6 Golf R this is the Rear Wheel Bearing assembly
Previous Versions
1T0-498-621, 1T0498621
8J0-598-625, 8J0598625
How to Install this Wheel Bearing 
How Wheel Bearings Fail

Vehicle Application Data
Manufacturer FAG
Shipping 1-3 Business Days From our Facility
Vehicle Application Data
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