Camshaft Chain Adjuster (Cyl 5-8) Drivers Side (Bank 2)


Camshaft Chain Adjuster (Cyl 5-8) Drivers Side (Bank 2)

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This cam chain adjust sits at the front of the cylinder head on the drivers side of the 4.2 V8 engines.  When a cam chain adjuster goes bad this can result in anything from basic fault codes to a cracked guides causing the timing chain to ride on metal resulting in the eventual failure.  Due to the placement of this component replacing this component can be a big job.  

Timing Chain Adjuster Specs - Engine > Measure Value Blocks > Channel 090

At idle: -3° - 6°

Under accelaration: 16-25°

To be used for VW Part Number




Vehicle Application Data
Manufacturer Hudson
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Vehicle Application Data
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Vehicles & Parts > Vehicle Parts & Accessories > Motor Vehicle Parts
Volkswagen Touareg 1 2004-2007 V8 4.2L (AXQ Engine)
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